AWARD WINNING BAND in Colorado, Little Moses Jones delivers a High-Energy show
that will have your guest talking about for years.
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Little Moses Jones Live

“This song started out like a mix between something out of the 40s with some 90s ska sounds. Then when the singer came in he stayed more with the older styles of Sinatra and Dean. His voice was pretty strong and a very nice tone. The music in the background was a nice fit to this style of singing. The horns blended nice together. The drums kept the beat strong. I really enjoyed the fact that a women came into this track with a mix of style which reminded me of late 90s r&b and hip hop style on the vocals. She also had a nice and lengthy part for her abilities to fill. I heard this song is generating some buzz on the airwaves & I can see why. It was retro but with a new twist. The sound was excellent and they really showed some good integrity. Cant wait to hear more from this group.”

Susie Marlene
Program Director106.7 The Mix