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Great hub, too! In his defense he's never been around cats, my cats have always been around dogs. Whether your cat is the newbie or the senior pet in the house, the cat needs to be able to move freely when the introduction is made. Blue, our dog, earlier this year has killed our two 8yr old cats, one of the cats never liked dogs and the other was cautious about dogs as well. The animals for the most part always got along but there was always a sense of fear that the new female pit would hurt the cat. Our great dane and the kitten are best friends already. It can work but requires more supervision and care on your part. Was walking her today and was curious to allow her to get within a few feet of a cat while on a leash. We have had our Pittie for 2 years and just recently found a kitten with broken legs and rescued it. Can I have any advice on how to do this? To summarize, don't get sucked into the negativity portrayed by the media or folks who have bought into the stereotypes. He would follow us to the dog park where we live and play with his big "brother". I HAVE 6 CATS. Raising pit bulls and cats together is no big deal if you are a responsible dog owner to begin with. Seeing her actually licking her chops at the sight of the cat was a bit unnerving. Excellent and well written. If they haven’t done such test, they may be able to do it. Not every dog gets along with a cat. They’re good dogs, period. I challenge you to do some research on your own before forming opinions, however. There are some Pit Bulls who have poor greeting behavior, but when carefully introduced they may end up doing fine with other dogs. Some rescues or shelters will cat-test as a part of an overall behavior evaluation. BY Kirstin Fawcett. I can't imagine getting rid of the dog. But I wouldn't trust her with a cat. They can be rambunctious, but can also be surprisingly gentle so long as proper boundaries are set and enforced. If you see any regression on the progress you’re making, take things back a step or two. Such aggression is usually a sign of psychological problems with the animal and should be handled responsibly. Leyla Higgins. The breed's predilection to hunt and the rambunctiousness of a young dog is my reason for pause. Judging by her scars my assumption was that she was a bait dog. Former vet tech here. Cat R from North Carolina, U.S. on December 25, 2011: It truly does depend on their personality and on how we train them. 9 Ways to Help Cats and Dogs Get Along Better. 3 4 5. Please no bashing I am hurting bad enough. Moving Forward As your pit bull and cat get to know each other, increase the duration and number of spaces where they interact. What a dog perceives as play can easily cause injury or even kill a cat. I love all my animals like they are my children. I found her with a 30' electrical cable growing into her neck. I love all animals, and understand that pit Bulls (although they get a bad rap) can be amazing pets. He would never hurt her, he has accepted her as family, and wants to protect her. rather than dog treats. She was their teacher their protector . Thank you Camille. We know almost nothing about his background, and he was 2 when we adopted him. An off-leash dog is not easily controlled should it decide to lunge, or if it reacts badly to any perceived aggression from the cat. lol Now we've retrained him to ring a bell. Until one day. Coco and her foster mom came over to meet us, and Buddy hissed at Coco and hid under the dining room table. Thinking of getting a dog but afraid your cat won't like it? Step 1. Thinking of getting a dog but afraid your cat won't like it? ehen I met my husband he brought a half pit half boxer into the relationship I brought a kitten into the relationship 4 years ago we got another 8 week old full female pit into the family. So yeah, if you chain your Pit up in your backyard and don't interact with him, he may develop some aggressive tendencies...but I would too in that situation. Having grown up in a few small country towns, I've owned many popular breeds of dogs and cats simultaneously. Put it by the couch, hold your cats, when the dog gets calm, let him out, if he goes for the cat, put him back until he gets calm, and repeat. Some Pit Bulls simply will not get along with other dogs. I am afraid if he goes near the cats they will attack him therefore he will attack back... and that would not be good... any advise???? Hey Cathy, If you have never owned a Pitbull you don't have an opinion, because you have no real knowledge of the breed. The first cat Elvis is fat and leaves Joe alone. Anyone who wants a REAL SOURCE should look up stats on pit bull attacks and determine for y;ourself if you want one of these dogs sharing a home with your cat, which it can kill at a moment's notice (and probably will). Do Pit Bull’s and Cat’s Get Along. That being said, they are known to be protective of their owners. Thinking of getting a dog but afraid your cat won't like it? Have a cat and a dog but the two just won't stop fighting? Hello Ive adopted a year old pit bull and he seemed ok at the shelter with the cats but i've had him 2 weeks now and i am terrified to let him near my cats (3) who aren't raised around dogs. If I don't get her in 10 days they will put her to sleep and I just would not be able to live with myself yet if I let her back in my home I don't think I could ever look at her and love her the same. Identify conflict causes. Have a cat and a dog but the two just won't stop fighting? We did a DNA test and he is 55% American Pitbull Terrier. We I mean my girlfriend has two cats. Nov 16, 2018 - How to Make a Cat and Dog Get Along. She is now 10 months old and they love each other! i might be getting a pitbull puppy but i dont know if it will get along with my cat i had my cat for 6 years now.she loves 2 play and she is very friendly.but i dont know if she will get along with a pitbull how can i get her to get along with a pitbull pup.. Pit Chows are born from an American Pitbull Terrier and a Chow Chow. She just came home today and maybe it might take some time to get them along. What do has far getting them to meet and be together. We knew we had to get him a brother or sister kitty, but had to find one that could handle all of his love. I see you represent yourself something of a journalist. I currently have a Pitbull terrier mix who is the sweetest boy ever by the way. I've had an adult pitbull for a couple years now. Instead of always crating your dog, try putting the cat in the cat carrier and having Kronos sit quietly beside the crate (further away and slowly inching closer day by day as you introduce). Which after a lot of thought and consideration, brought us to the conclusion that she was the responsible party. Gail Louise Stevenson from Mason City on December 25, 2011: The dogs are very beautiful in their photos. Give America's first native dog breed a chance before you rule them out as a new member of your cat-friendly family. However, my daughter has several dogs including a beautiful 4 year old Blue Razor Pit who is known to kill Cats. I have a 3 yr old chocolate pit named Riley & like some cats & kittens & he loves them all. Thanks! I realize that to some people, discussion of an American Pit Bull Terrier palling around with a kitten might seem unbelievable. They're very trainable and re-trainable. Ridiculous. Once appropriate boundaries have been established, most learn to genuinely enjoy the company of your feline family members. He's never tried to hurt her. Hi, my husky is a month and a half, and I was wondering what tips are there for the two animals to become friends, and not fight at all. How to make my cat and dog get along? Last year two pit bulls killed TWENTY NINE cats at a shelter. At the same time, I have had dogs all my life and know most are trainable. Give Them Time to Get Used to Each Other When the kittens seemed to be feeling at home, I brought in the first dog. Therefore, you must ensure that there is a high place the cat can get to, or someplace for it to hide within easy reach. Never has had any problems with them. He starts running into the windows and going crazy running around the house (which makes our older dog attack him). He tries to chase them and he barks at them he's relentless. The dog might get too cocky at first and try to scare the cat before it can eat. If one cat is or was a rescued kitten, his life has already been filled with stress, and he may be fearful about living with another cat. We are already lucky to have many friends in the vet field and with be consulting with a behaviorist. The two usually can’t get along with each other and your Pharaoh Hound could require tons of training just for overcoming his or her natural instincts.

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