Little Moses Jones Goes In The Studio
With Bryan Gordon & Darryl Woolfolk To Record Songs For
His 2nd Album Self Titled “Little Moses Jones”.

Little Moses Jones-

On Our Way To The Studio
The ride with Darryl was cool. We listened to the 2 new songs we were about to record and asked any questions that he might have had. As we talked about the songs he offered couple of great suggestions for the songs. (“I think he liked the basics of the song “)

Studio ArrivalLittle Moses Jones-
When we got to the studio we were a little early, so we hung out chatted, grabbed some snacks and talked about the songs that we were getting ready to record. Its nice to relax before going in to the studio. I feel it makes you more productive. While we were setting up we talked to the engineer B.R to make sure he had all the levels that he needed as well as making sure our monitor mix was right. The sound check was a breeze. When you have amazing musicians and people it makes studio life enjoyable.

Time To Record
We started off with one of the new songs titled “The Rain Came Falling Down” Feat Tim Huston. We found the groove that was right for this song and recorded it. I think we did 3 takes and the Bass & Drums were recorded. Bryan and Darryl really locked in quick and made Little Moses Jones- http://www.littlemosesjones.comthe song feel real good. I’m telling you guys, this song will be on your playlist.

This is the first time I had the pleasure to work with Bryan Gordon. He was super talented, very humble and ready to make a hit song. So since we were ready to continue we tracked and recorded the Bass & Drums for “City & Country”. It took 2 takes and the track was complete for bass and drums. This will be the first song that I record with me singing. Im very excited to show everyone this song when we are complete.

Control Room
Little Moses Jones, Bryan Gordon & Darryl Woolfolk then went in to the control room to listen to the magic we had created. B.R. recorded some nice mixes that sounded great and we gave the approval of the music. These tracks have so much groove that we know you will have no choice but to sing and dance along.

City & Country & The Rain Came Falling Down will be released in a few months so keep your ear open. 
Special Thanks To: Bryan Gordon & Darryl Woolfolk for the amazing work on my new CD.