The Josie Music Awards Has Nominated
Little Moses Jones For 2 Josie Music Awards.

Best Blues Song “Walk This Road Alone” & R&B Soul Group Of The Year

Little Moses Jones Wants To Thank The Josie Music Awards For Nominating
Little Moses Jones For Best Song Of The Year & R&B Soul Group Of The Year.

It is a honor when you write and produce music that gets reconized. Walk This Road Alone means a lot to me, because my late father, Willie I Jones wrote it before he died. I produced it and had many amazing artists such as: Lionel Young, James Torres, Tony Black, Larry Henley and more perform and record the song. Blues has played a big part of my life and continues to do so every day. We look forward to the award show in Nashville, TN.

Having Fun At The Award Show For The 2016 Josie Music Awards at Schermerhorn Symphony Center.
About Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

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