Take your event to the next level with Little Moses Jones cutting edge animated graphics (also known as “wallpaper”). These exciting, colorful images can be displayed on televisions; front or rear projections or LED walls.

If your event features video support or video presentations, our graphics are very easy to integrate into your system.

When you bring the projectors and screens, there is no charge to use our custom graphics presentations. These graphics greatly enhance a dance/party atmosphere and are fun, exciting and hip.

What’s the cost?

  • No charge if you provide projectors, screens and video support.
  • Projecter and one screen $1500. Two screens $2000
  • Wallpaper and Live Camera: Add additional $600

Our wallpapers are in “standard def” (4:3). We can provide these graphics on a DVD or Quicktime.mov file.

To get a better idea of what these look like, view Little Moses Jones wallpaper videos below. Imagine a full dance floor with pumping music from the band.