Moses Jones Rock Funk Orchestra To Open For The Fabulous Boogienauts

Moses Jones Rock Funk Orchestra To Open For The Fabulous Boogienauts

The Moses Jones Rock Funk Orchestra to open up for the Fabulous Boogienauts today!!

 The Moses Jones Rock Funk Orchestra Song of the Day is by Little Moses Jones. Little Moses Jones has been performing since the age of 5 and since then he has learned how to play lots of instruments at a professional level. Check out the tittle track off of the new CD “Legendary”. Enjoy!!

On January 10, 2015, The Moses Jones Rock Funk Orchestra & Mr. J & the Smooth Expressions will be opening up for the Fabulous Boogienauts. This will be a show to remember. Each band has horns, at least 10 members per band and 2 high energy shows. If you haven’t seen the Fabulous Boogienauts then come out tonight. They got a style that is different, they play great funk music, and have a high energy show. “I’m looking forward to seeing them myself”

The Fabulous Boogienauts are a ten piece all original power disco ensemble from the deep recesses of space. Hailing from the planet Boogus Prime in the heart of the Alpha Booty system, the Booginauts have made Denver Colorado their official home since 1996. They have just released their first studio album in thirteen years. Their new effort 12″ Fully Funktional is a masterpiece of song craft and creativity. They have started performing locally again in hopes to regain their seat among Denver’s elite acts.

They have fun videos such as this one but remember there is nothing like the live show.


Moses Jones Rock Funk Orchestra & Mr. J & the Smooth Expressions will be opening up for the Fabulous Boogienauts with a few originals, such as Funky Cruise which was nominated for a Hollywood Music Award and some of the music you know and love. We will be tearing the stage up with music from: Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Color Me Badd, Temptations, Adele and more. We have a 3 piece horn section with us that will tell you a story with their tight horn section & awesome solos. Mark, Greg & Andy are among the best horn players around. They have played all over the world professionally for years. The thing that makes these guys stand out is you can go up to them and talk to them and dance with them and they are the nicest people. Make sure to bring your camera out today and take a picture with our horn section!

The Moses Jones Rock Funk Orchestra has a powerful vocal section with the likes of Duane Lucas, Veronica Gallegos & Carlson Tann. Duane will be hitting those high notes tonight that you haven’t heard from anybody since Phillip Bailey from EWF. Make sure to come up to him and see how he does it :). Veronica will melt hearts tonight with her smooth and powerful vocals. She is a superstar by herself, with her smile and vocal ability you never know how she will touch your heart. Come up and take pictures and say hi!! Carlson Tann is on the new CD Legendary and wrote and performed the lyrics for Funky Cruise & Until Then. Funky Cruise was one of the songs of the new CD that were nominated for a Hollywood Music Award. Make sure to get the new copy of Legendary tonight and have Mr. Carlson Tann sign it for you.

Last but not least we have our Rhythm Section. Lets start off with Annamul, She will show you what its like to play the drums. Not only can she play, you will always see her energy and enthusiasm thru her smile. Come up tonight and say hi, she would love to talk to you!!

Zane will be holding down our percussion tonight. Andrew the other guy in the pictures is our steel drum and percussion player. Zane is a master percussionist. He has studied for years and plays all percussion. We will let him loose tonight to show you what he can do!

Now I know everyone loves the bass so dont miss the opportunity to see Mike take it low. With his ability to hold the pocket, and hold the bottom theres no wonder why he’s with us tonight. Lunai will be apart of your hearts with the way she plays the piano. We will let her take you on a ride tonight with her expressive solos and beautiful smile. Dont forget to come and say high and take pictures!! You will see my partner and good friend Mr. X on guitar. He is such a joy to work with. He can really make you feel the music with his expressive guitar playing. Don’t forget to watch out for him dancing on the dance floor!!

So there you have it, Me and my band and the Fabulous Boogienauts tonight at the Walnut Room at 9pm. You can purchase tickets for the show here: Tickets

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